15+ Animals That Do Yoga Better Than You


Yoga is definitely a thing right now. I mean, not only humans but also animals are getting their namaste on! And I must say, sometimes animals do their yoga postures even better than humans. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Bored Panda’s list of adorable animals doing yoga below. You may even learn something from them.

Who needs a yoga teacher when you can learn from cute animals, right?

Feel free to add your own pics of animals doing yoga to the list!

#1 You mean like this, human?

#2 Border Collies Holly And Ace Join Alongside Their Owner For Some Evening Yoga Exercises

#3 Bubba And Josh Stretching

#4 Yoga Bear

#5 Some Serious Stretching

#6 Cutest Stretch Ever

#7 Yoga With Sea Lion

#8 Judy Practices Yoga On Her Mat

#9 Cobra Pose

#10 Yogi Practicing Together With Her Dog

#11 Family Yoga Tree Pose

#12 How High Can You Stretch Your Paws? – Sky High